Is your city or province ready to face the next natural disaster? Which actions should be prioritized to avoid health risks after the next typhoon? This website helps answer these questions, by providing a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) resilience score to every city and province in the Philippines. The resilience score is calculated from several key indicators which help understand the WASH profile of a city or province.

Use the search bar above to find your city or province and display its information card: it includes the detail of the resilience score along with some tips on how to improve the score. The information card can be easily printed and shared to start a discussion with your colleagues and friends.

The data for your city/province is not there or out of date? Update it using the button below. You can also browse the Index to see if the data for your city is easily available, or read more about the project. Any questions or feedback? Contact us!