The goal of this website is to produce a public local information resource centered around Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) needs, to help with emergency preparedness and guide policy-making. It doubles as a comparison tool, ranking the WASH data quality and availability of the 225 cities and provinces of the Philippines. The website will be updated regularly, thanks to both the efforts of the local governments and the work of the members of the Information Management Working Group (IMWG) of the Philippines.

We hope this project will inform the work of local governments and WASH NGOs in the Philippines, and by doing so, improve the life of the people affected by natural disasters.

This project was conceived and coordinated by Sheena Carmel Opulencia-Calub, as part of her School of Data Fellowship. The core team behind the project includes:

This project would not have been possible with the support of:

Sheena's fellowship was made possible thanks to the funding of Open Data For Development (OD4D)